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    KENNEDY DIESEL PHOTO GALLERY / 2002 Chevrolet K2500



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    John's 2002 K2500 HD Crew Cab Long Bed LT

    Factory Options

    • Computer climate control
    • Locking rear differential
    • Skid Plate pkg
    • 5th wheel wiring provision
    • Allison 5 speed automatic
    • 6.6l Duramax diesel engine

    Everyhing else was std on the LT!

    Performance Upgrades

    Air Flow


    Electronic Engine Management

    (Includes one or any combination of the following modules)


    Other Upgrades


    Miscellaneous mods

    • Leveled front end left to right by adjusting torsion bars, and then raised front several turns to get desired ride height.
    • Re-shimmed driveshaft angles: raised transfer case approx 1/2" and added 2? caster wedges under rear springs to tip pinion angle downward.
    • Fast idle setup reprogrammed to 900 and 1050 RPM Allison "deep" pan with Transynd fluid.